NewArcade Studio

An experimental game design group.

Welcome to the portfolio page for NewArcade Studio! Below you will find a brief overview of our completed projects.

The NewArcade group consists of three members: Andrew Genualdi, Henry Lam, and Jaeseong Yi.

Feel free to contact us for further information/general inqueries!

Fear Sphere

November 2016 - March 2017

Fear Sphere is an IGF Award Winning experimental game aimed at bridging the gap between the real world and the digital world--without the use of VR. The game itself is played with a minimum of 2 players, one of which is placed inside an inflatable sphere, acting as the realm the game takes place within. Using the custom built 'flashlight' controller, the player must navigate an unknown indoor space while being stalked by a relentlessly persistent enemy.

The projector within the controller acts as a flashlight for the digital world the place is navigating, thus acting as an extension of the player reaching from the real world into the digital world.

Outside of the bubble, a second player must use a set of physical blueprints to relay directions to the first player, guiding them to safety.

The controller itself is made up of a short throw projector and an Arduino Micro Pro (Atmega32u4-based board). Connected to the Arduino is a 6-axis gyroscope (MPU 6050), which provides the players rotation, orientation, and direction; and a joystick, which allows the player to move within the game world.

This information is then fed into Unity, and projected onto the sphere via the controller.

Completed controller exhibited at alt.ctrl.GDC 2017.

In-progress shot of the controller being fit for the RenShape housing.

Fully assembled controller prior to all the finishing touches! Came a long way!

In-sphere shot of someone playing the completed experience at alt.ctrl.GDC 2017.

One of the basement blueprints used by the player outside the sphere.

Fully inflated enclosure. 8 feet in diameter. The inside is painted with a dark-grey primer for a proper projection surface.

GDC (2017) alt.CTRL submission video and early alpha test. (New video soon!)

The crew! Jaeseong (left), Henry (center), Andrew (right). (Sorry Henry! :D)